New Carseat Safety Rules

coffee break with Monica's Mom MusingsWere you aware that there are going to be new carseat safety rules in 2014?  Because of the increased regulations where recommendations and/or laws require children to be in carseats longer, coupled with the way newer carseats are being made to accommodate larger children the LATCH system in most if not all cars is not guaranteed beyond 65 pounds total weight (child and carseat combined).

I suppose in the future car manufacturers will create a LATCH system that will hold this additional weight, but it doesn’t appear they are doing that yet and even if they are, how many of us can go right out and buy a new car?  I know I can’t, and my car is a 2002 as it is, so no brand new car in my future.

So the recommendation is to use your car’s seat belt to hold the carseat securely in the car.  For added security we have been a family that always uses both.  Just makes me feel better to have that thing really anchored in there.  You can read more about this new rule on The Bump.

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