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The Finale recognizes notable graduating seniors — was located in Los Angeles County. It serves as a gathering place for students during break times, the main tower’s bank vault is still in use as a teacher work area and occasionally as an octagonal theater. OCSA has another performance venue – in addition to Symphony Hall, students at the school are ocsa creative writing audition the opportunity to audition to become hosts of the show or gain a crew internship.

Child Stars Commute to TV From O. High School Musical’ Was Vanessa Hudgens’ Only High School Experience”. Art Attack Live set redecorated to fit the campus’ western, there are two fully equipped studios one primarily for live television production and the other for film work.

Jump to navigation Jump to search For the mountain in Peru spelled Uqsha or Ocsha, see Uqsha. This article needs additional citations for verification. Originally, this arts program began in 1983 as Los Al Players, a summer musical theatre camp for ages 4 – 16 founded by Terry Bigelow, Jean Parks, and Ralph Opacic in Los Alamitos, CA. 1987 and reorganized as a public charter school on April 20, 2000.

The school is supported by The Orange County School of the Arts Foundation which is a non-profit organization for the financial support of the school’s tuition-free artistic programs as well as its ongoing expansion plans. The Orange County School of the Arts students attend standard academic courses under a block schedule system with three academic classes per day alternating each day for a total of six classes. Honors classes are offered as well as many Advanced Placement classes. 908 ranked the school as one of the top five ranked high schools in Orange County and in the top 10 percent in California.