Stop Pointing Fingers

The presidential election is over and about half of the country I would say (maybe more) is disappointed with the outcome. The truth of the matter is November 9, 2016 was going to be a divisive day in America no matter what the outcome was of the presidential election. The thing is I don’t know what good finger pointing does. Calling out people who voted 3rd party or even those who didn’t vote at all. All of those celebrity pleas demanding that people just get out and vote, this is what happens. You ask people to vote and they do, then you really can’t get mad if the results didn’t go the way you wanted them to. And for those who didn’t vote, you can’t say for sure that if they had it would have swayed anything in another direction.

It is what it is, the beauty of it is there’s only 4 years until the next presidential election. If it turns out that Trump was not the right guy, then we don’t reelect him, it’s as simple as that. I get that people are scared, but there’s a lot of fear to go around on both sides. We don’t know what other people’s story is or what they have been through and it’s not fair to judge based on how they voted. I strongly believe a clear message was being sent here. People want something different. They think that’s Trump. It’s not for us to say that they’re wrong. It doesn’t matter if you think America has always been great with the exception of the need to make people be kind and accepting for once. Aside from the fact that you can’t make people do anything, you can’t ignore the fact that many people in this country do not feel that things have been great.

Everyone’s entitled to their feelings, but I think right now is the time to come together and try to understand where everyone’s coming from on every side of the fence. Now we need to be kind and pay it forward. This is not the time for finger pointing though. This is a time to come together. If we can do that, then maybe just maybe things can be great. Have a little faith and a little trust that it will all work out the way it’s supposed to.

In all of the years that I have been legally allowed to vote, not once has there been a president in office that I wanted to see there. It hasn’t caused me any major issues in my life. It hasn’t affected my children negatively in any way. What the president does and the actions he takes does not affect how I raise my children and how I will teach them to be good, caring, giving, productive members of society. The president doesn’t have that power over me and my family. The president still has to work the system just like every other president has. So continue doing what you were doing. If someone is being hateful, well that person was probably hateful before Trump was president and there’s a good chance they’ll still be hateful after Trump is president. A different president just is not going to change that about a person. If you think the president wields that much power, control, and influence over a person’s free will, then I don’t know where you’ve been living, but it’s not America. There have always been hateful people in this world and there’s probably always going to be hateful people in this world. If you know in your heart of hearts that what you’re doing is right and good, then don’t let anybody take that away from you. You’re giving one person too much power over how you live and none of us should be living like that.

We have to give the president a chance. We can’t hope for failure on his part and we can’t walk through life thinking that every single asshole we run into is simply a byproduct of the president. That’s simply not the case and it’s just not going to improve our situation. So take it from someone who has never been pleased with the president in office in her entire adult life. It’s four years, we’ll get through it if we take a step back and realize that we still live in the greatest country in the world with the greatest freedoms in the world. That my friends is good enough to me regardless of who is running the country.

Why We Should Support Technical High Schools

14188362_10153665149107653_5650818534286878485_oYou know how last week I brought up how this is the year of lasts with my oldest? Well, it’s also a year of firsts with my middle daughter. She started high school this year. She has not followed in her big sister’s foot steps in any sense of the word. Which is great, she needs to follow her own path. For middle school she attended a magnet school and when it came time for high school she chose to apply at a technical high school.  And she advocated for herself and her capability to handle the school and its curriculum. She was accepted and had loved every bit of school so far, especially the trade portion.

A few months ago when she started trying out the trades her school has to offer I posted about her progress on my personal Facebook page. I was slightly surprised by one so called friend’s reaction to this school, although I guess not really. And of course poking the bear probably isn’t a good idea, but she ended up unfriending me on Facebook. Of course I also received a lot more people who were really impressed with this opportunity that she was getting who wished that there was something similar where they lived. I didn’t even realize that Technical high schools were not a common thing. Honestly, I don’t know why they’re not. Lets face it, college is not for everyone. Yes, my oldest is doing college applications as we speak and I also went to college. College is important in this day and age, but it’s not necessary for everyone. We need people who can do the trades. And let me tell you my middle daughter has a pretty solid plan that I don’t think most 14 year old’s can say that they have. If she chooses her top trade she’ll work in it for a while and then go to college for business and eventually open her own business doing her trade. The fact that she will be able to get work in a trade right out of high school and therefore will be able to pay for her college education when she’s ready to is extremely admiral. She likely will not have large debts. I know I’m probably a tad biased as her mother and all, but that’s one smart cookie if I do say so myself.

So let me explain to you what has been happening for the past several weeks and why that so called friend objected to this method of teaching so much. So because my daughter is not only going to come out of high school ready to get a license in her trade, but she also has to complete the same amount of high school work that a typical high school student would do. Basically, her academic work which normally she would have 180 days to complete she has to do in 90 days. She will be doing 2 weeks of academics and 2 weeks of trades. Now, as a freshman they want the students to have a taste of each of the trades they offer, so they go through what’s called an exploratory phase. My daughter has already made it through the first phase where she did every single trade for two days each and then chose her top four of all those trades. She did receive a grade in each of her trades. The grade was more or less a participation grade which will be used in determining if she can ultimately get into her trade of choice. It makes sense because they can’t have too many students in one trade so they need a way to determine who’s best suited to get into their trade of choice.

My daughter is now in the 2nd phase of the exploratory program. She chose her top four, was placed into her top three and is now spending four days in each of her top three trades. Once this is done by the beginning of December she will then choose the trade that she will be learning for the rest of her time in this school. This has been such a great experience for her. It’s a challenge, but she’s loving every second of it. And she has been shocked to learn which trades she had the most interest in. Things that she never considered as possible career paths for her she’s now trying out to see if it’s something she wants to do.

Academics, which have generally in the past been difficult for her she doesn’t mind so much because every two weeks she knows she gets to go work in the trades. She actually continues working on her math and reading while in the trades. She continues to advocate for herself and her education in this school and she’s enjoying every second of being there. If I had my way I would have every state have a program just like this one. It’s not for everyone, but I know it works. I know alma mateurs of the school my daughter attends. Past graduates from decades ago who own their own business and have been working in their trade since graduation. If that’s not a glowing recommendation for this school and its model then I don’t know what is.

I don’t know that I’ll ever truly understand why that so called Facebook friend couldn’t see that this school model has its benefits and can be good for some students. I do understand her distaste for the fact that academics have to be completed in half the time. Things move quickly, yes, but we’re not talking about cramming stuff down students throats. They are coming out of high school employable and in areas that are highly needed. All of this is without cost. They are not racking up tons of debt to end up working some minimum wage job. This is why it’s important to support technical high schools everywhere. Every high school student who believes they will want to go into a trade after graduation and not go into college should have this opportunity that my daughter is receiving. College is not for everyone.

Slot Car Birthday Party

14947834_10153845918022653_165924438244145929_nWe had my son’s birthday party over the weekend. Birthdays in November in New England can be rough. You never know what the weather will do. As a matter of fact in 2011 when my son was turning 4 the day of his party we had a terrible snow storm which knocked out power during his party for days. So it’s always interesting planning his party. When we began planning this year’s party we tossed around the idea of  a paintball party. Since it would be outdoors though and I couldn’t be sure that we wouldn’t be under snow I was really hesitant about it. Plus, my son is older than most of the kids in his class so I wasn’t sure that they would all be able to do paintball. Then I found this slot car place that’s local. I thought how cool is this, my dad has slot cars, I remember how fun it was for me when I was a kid to get to play with his slot cars so I presented it as an idea for my son. He was very intrigued. But since he had never actually seen slot cars before I wanted to bring him to the place to see what it was like.

So one October Saturday we headed down to Rapid Raceway and went in. Everyone was so nice. They let me son try out one of the slot cars to see if he liked it. He was a natural He loved it and said that’s where he wanted his party. We we booked it right there and began the party planning. And this past Saturday morning we went to Rapid Raceway and had so much fun.

I have done a lot of birthday parties over the years. Some at home, some at locations and of the ones I have done at locations I have never had such personal attention to our group. Now granted, we were the only ones there, but Dawn, the owner of Rapid Raceway remember my son from when we had been in a few weeks prior and she truly bent over backwards to make him feel special. He didn’t come in 1st place, but it was all very close. Dawn watched my son and was giving him pointers of when to let up on the throttle for the car and how to race. The kids all got ribbons and my son got a huge trophy. We had ten racers and the whole thing only cost $130. We got such personal attention and so much for such a low price.


By far I think it was one of the favorite parties to date. All of the kids had fun. One of the parents told me that all his son did was talk about this party. We got an hour of race time and an hour in the party room. We didn’t have to rush out of there either. It’s not like there was another party that was right on top of ours that we had to clear out for. All of the kids left with a paper that said what place they got and a ribbon.  What a memorable birthday party. If you are local and looking for something to do then definitely check out Rapid Raceway. It’s totally worth it. We’re looking forward to going back to race slot cars again.

Presidential Election 2016: The Case for a Non-Career Politician Candidate

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at

The presidential election is only a few days away. This is not a plea for voters, or even an endorsement of either candidate. The truth of the matter I could never tell someone to vote. It’s a right, not an obligation and voting should not be forced on anyone. And in all honesty when it comes to the candidates I feel you all who are struggling with who to vote for. It feels like a vote is really just a vote for who you might believe to be the lesser of two evils, but in all honesty I think the problem with this election is that we feel neither candidate is actually qualified for the position of office.

I am not a political person at all. We don’t discuss politics in our home. A few weeks ago my five year old daughter noticed the political signs in the yard of our next door neighbor while we were waiting for the bus. She began asking about who our next president was going to be and who was going to run our lives now. I was amazed that she knew what those signs were let alone who the president was, who she calls Obaba. A little concerned that she thinks is job is to run our lives though, but she’s five, when I was her age I thought boy babies came from dads and girl babies came from mom, I now know that’s not true. If she’s 15 and still thinks the president runs our lives then I might be concerned. Or maybe it’s surprisingly true to an extent or will be ten years from now. Lets hope that’s not where we’re heading.

Anyways, what’s on my mind today is Trump. The pinnacle of opening mouth and inserting foot right there. The man has no filter and if I were going to arm chair diagnose him I would have to say he’s a classic narcissist. Which I know makes this whole election that much more puzzling. You have to wonder how did it get this far though. The list of accusations against this man is quite long. I’m guessing all of the skeletons in his closet have been exposed, but then again he wasn’t squeaky clean looking when he began running for president to begin with. Honestly, judging by both candidates I’m willing to bet most of us aren’t expecting squeaky clean for presidential candidates these days. It sure would be nice if we didn’t have to choose between two possible felons for president though.

I digress though. How does someone who’s so into himself and so seemingly awful become a presidential candidate in 2016? Well, I think the answer is quite simple. We want something different. We want someone who’s not a career politician. The idea of making America great again is appealing. When I first heard about Trump running for president I was intrigued. I was wondering if it would be anything like when Ronald Regan ran for president. Someone who was not a career politician. I was very young during his two terms as president and don’t get me wrong,  I’m not saying Trump is Regan, I’m just saying that sometimes we get to a point where career politicians are just not working. Now perhaps Trump isn’t the answer to that not a career politician problem and I imagine a lot of the people who are still standing behind him likely are people who have a hard time admitting they were wrong about him. Or maybe, they really truly still believe that anyone who’s not a career politician is just better than Hillary. Faults and all.

Whatever happens on Tuesday, one things for sure, it’s going to be interesting. Honestly, if the president’s job is to run our lives like my 5 year old thinks, then no matter who becomes president I think we’re in trouble. I see an impeachment in our future as well. If Hillary wins then all I can hope for is that she’ll keep her nose clean and do what’s best. If Trump becomes president I can only hope that he can figure out a way to set his ego aside and hire people to advise him in politics and actually listen to them.  I don’t have much faith in either candidate to follow through on any campaign promises or in being able to do what’s best.

I wish everyone luck in this election in making a choice in who to vote for or to possibly not vote at all. Follow what you think is best when casting or perhaps not casting your vote. We will see where the chips all land on Wednesday, or maybe not. I guess it will depend how close this election ends up being.

#LEGOKidsFest Might Be Coming to a City Near You

legokidsfestlogoDo you love LEGOS? Do you know someone who loves LEGOS? It’s that time of year. #LEGOKidsFest could be coming to a city near you. If you are in or around the New England or Connecticut area the weekend of December 2-4, 2016, then you can get a chance to check out the LEGO Kids Fest in Hartford, CT.

Want a chance to win tickets to the Hartford, CT LEGO Kids Fest show? You can enter to win 2 tickets to the opening event on December 2 in Hartford. Here’s the information: One of MY followers will win (2) tickets for the opening night session on Friday, Dec 2 2016 (4-8:30pm). I encourage you to LIKE and Follow LEGOKidsFest on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram for all the latest ticketing updates as this event has been selling out in prior cities. Must be 18 to enter, 1 entry per day allowed, random drawing by USFG! Winner will be chosen on Friday November 18, 2016 and will be emailed by USFG. You can enter here.

Winner will be randomly chosen by USFG on and announced on my Blog and notified via email. Winner will be emailed approximately five days before the event.

If you want to purchase tickets it’s recommended that you do it early. Tickets sell out quickly. You can purchase them online. Get more details here!

Check out what’s in store for the Hartford, CT LEGO KidsFest.

New activities, popular favorites featured in interactive event running Dec 2-4, 2016
The award-winning LEGO KidsFest New England comes to the Hartford CT Convention Center from Dec. 2-4, 2016.

Those who attend can expect hands-on building, creative experiences and one-of-a-kind activities. Children of all ages and builders of all skills and levels are welcome.

LEGO KidsFest features dozens of new activities and popular favorites on the three-acre show floor.
New activities for this year’s visit include LEGO Mindstorms, LEGO Movie, LEGO Disney Princess, the Mixels, a LEGO Superheroes area and more.

Once again, show-goers can enjoy the LEGO Model Museum, Race Ramps, Creation Nation, Construction Zone, LEGO DUPLO, LEGO Retail store and LEGO KidsFest Marketplace, the Big Brick Pile, LEGO Ninjago and more.

“We’re thrilled to be returning to the New England area,” said Vince Rubino, Events Manager for LEGO Systems, Inc. “We’ve got a host of new activities as well as some areas we know are very popular with our fans. Not only will families create some new memories at the show, they’ll get another chance to flex and showcase their building skills. This event is a must for the true LEGO fan.”

Five sessions – all identical and 4 1/2 half hours in length – are held at each tour stop. LEGO KidsFest tickets can be purchased at Tickets are $19 for the Friday and Sunday afternoon sessions, and $22 for both sessions on Saturday and the Sunday morning session.


On tour since 2009, previous LEGO KidsFest tour stops have included major cities such as Chicago, Boston, Dallas, Atlanta, San Jose, Cleveland, Richmond, Phoenix, Portland and more.

Thirty Eight Ain’t So Bad

14918835_10153839105577653_7556389055941164810_oYou know when you’re a kid every birthday is an exciting one. Then when you get to a certain age there almost seems to be nothing to look forward to. Another year older, another year wiser as they say, but the reality of it all is that birthdays never seem as exciting as they were when you were a kid. I don’t think you’ll ever get that back. I’m way more excited for my kids birthdays than I am for my own. For me to see the look of joy on my kids face when they get just what they were hoping for or when they have a great birthday, that’s what it’s all about. So for the most part birthdays do eventually end up becoming another day, but is it really just another day?

No, not really. I mean with Facebook you now have hundreds of friends and family wishing you happy birthday. Most places I do business in some way email you for the month before your birthday to offer birthday treats and well wishes. In my house my middle daughter posts Happy Birthday signs all over the house that greet you. And you still get presents.

So today I turned 38. Yes, the day after my son. We almost shared a birthday. Instead, nine years ago he became the best early birthday present I ever did get. Nothing probably could top that birthday, but ever since it has been with great joy that I get to shower him with so much love and excitement and then the next day it all gets turned around on me.

As I had approached my 30th birthday I dreaded the thought, but now here I am closer to 40 and so far that doesn’t seem too bad. And so far thirty eight ain’t so bad either. My family spoiled me. My husband brought me out for breakfast, my middle daughter had an orthodontist appointment and she allowed me to pick out her colors for the elastics on her braces today. I know, a silly thing to get excited about, but she wouldn’t ever pick two colors for herself so I got her to do that today. She’ll probably never do it again and never allow me to pick out her color(s) again, but oh well. My husband made my favorite dinner (chicken parmigiana) and my oldest daughter baked me a cake, the two little ones made pictures for me, and I also got a pair of pig slippers, the new Simon game (you remember that memory game with the colors you had to press in the right order, yeah I got that and I love it), I got a New York Mets charm necklace, and a new tea kettle that’s a beautiful shade of blue (my favorite color).

It’s nice to be known and loved so well. And that right there makes growing older and each birthday so worth it. It took me a while to come to this realization that birthdays can still be something to look forward to. I’m just glad that I have so many wonderful people who I love so much that love me back. I couldn’t have asked for anything more on this my 38th birthday.

9 Things

Happy 9th Birthday

Happy 9th Birthday

I proclaimed yesterday that I was going to do my own version of the NaNoWriMo and I would blog at least every weekday for the month of November. It was easy to make that proclamation yesterday because I knew I already had today’s topic.

My one and only son turns 9 today. Nine years ago today I was on an operating table having a c-section so I could meet my boy. What a meeting it was too. My little baseball head. I marveled at how round and baseball like his head was. Born for greatness for sure. He hasn’t disappointed either. What a great addition to the family he has been. I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off my attempt to climb back in blogging to tell you all about the super special, super awesome super handsome GQ birthday boy.

Yes, I know I’m partial, but I dare you to look into this boys eyes and not just fall in love. I’m hooked, that’s for sure. So as I’ve done for many birthdays before here on my blog, I have 9 things to tell you about my birthday boy, who I would like to point out begrudgingly is a pre-teen (shudders).

9 Things

  1. He is super stubborn. Imagine how fun it is when we get into a battle of wills because I am also very stubborn. So far I still win most of our battles, but the older he gets, the tougher he gets.
  2. He loves baseball. More specifically he loves Mets baseball. His love for the game was only sealed that much more when we went to see a few games this past spring and summer and he ended up on the Jumbo Screen a few times and even got a Lucas Duda autographed baseball given to him.
  3. He also loves Monster Trucks. Grave Digger is his favorite. He even got the drivers autograph this year and the flag given to him off the Grave Digger track.
  4. He is magnetic. People are clearly just drawn to him. At that baseball game there were tons of kids that could have been given an autographed baseball and asked to be on the Jumbo Screen, but he was chosen. At another baseball game this summer while watching warm ups Bartolo Colon tossed him a ball. Sadly some young men stepped in front of him and snatched the ball so he didn’t get the souvenir, but at another game we went to while sitting in our seats for warm ups a National’s player tossed him a ball. And lets not forget the flag he received off of Grave Digger’s truck. People are just drawn to him and his enthusiasm.
  5. He is an amazing big brother. He puts up with a lot from his little sister. He takes it all in stride and I think even with a little bit of pride as well.
  6. He is very considerate of others. He always wants to bring in extra snack for his friends or even his teacher.
  7. He’s a Nerf fanatic. He has quite the arsenal of Nerf guns. All of the neighbor kids know where to do when they want to have a Nerf fight that’s for sure.
  8. He is so very funny. He’s always making me laugh with the things he says and does.
  9. He’s awesome. Just plain and simple all of this adds up to complete and total awesomeness. It’s not a wonder people are so drawn to him, is it?

And there you have it. That’s my newly turned 9 year old. Won’t you take the time to wish him a very happy 9th?

A Year of Lasts

Photo by Art Rich Photography

Photo by Art Rich Photography

This might be one of the toughest posts I’ve had to write to this date. I came to one very real realization recently. While many of my friends are still dealing with plenty of firsts on the horizon with their kids, I’ve gotten to the point where there are less firsts and far too many lasts for us.

My oldest is in her last year of high school. That means that we had our last first day of school with her already. There are lots of lasts with her ahead. I hadn’t really thought about it too much until she officially submitted her first college application. This time next year she will be away at college. When we went to pick our pumpkins out that was likely the last time she was going to be doing that with us. When we go trick or treating tonight it will be the last time she comes with us.

Many of our lasts over the years I didn’t see coming, but this one, this time, this year it’s all very obvious how different things are going to be for us next year. I haven’t really wanted to admit how hard this is because I know for her it’s also hard. That moment in your life where you want to spread your wings and get out from under the thumb of your parents, but at the same time there’s so much uncertainty about what that is actually going to mean. As hard as this is for me to let go (and it has been especially hard with us so far this year) I know this is ten times harder for her.

All of these choices are on her right now. I can help and guide her, but at the end of the day it’s her life and it’s all her choice. And right now my major focus with her is to make it very clear that she has a soft place to land and will always have an ear to talk to in me when she needs more help and guidance.

We’re on the brink of a new chapter in our relationship. It’s an exciting and a scary time. I have spent years looking ahead to things like first steps, first words, first tooth, first holidays, first birthdays, first day of school, first visit from the tooth fairy, first school project, first dance, and yes even high school graduation. She has made it through all of these firsts, we have made it through all of these firsts, but only over the last few years did I realize how bitter sweet parenting really is.

A common theme with me seems to be to say, “Blink of an eye.” As in it’s all over too fast. There’s a piece of me that would love to go back to the last time she was shorter than me, to the last time she needed me to walk her to class, to the last time she need me to carry her in my arms, to the last time she needed me to feed her or bathe her and just hold onto those moments and really savor each and every one of them knowing it was the last. Then there’s this other part of me who is so excited for what is about to come for her. I wish I could help her understand just how great it’s going to be and even if I’m 1500 miles away or right in the same town when she goes to college it will all be worth it. All of her firsts even if they are without me, they’re going to be just as great and special and memorable.

As much as I would love to keep walking that path with her and being there for all of these firsts it’s all a part of life that she start to do these things on her own. I believe that whatever she does she’s going to be great at it. It’s going to be unbelievably scary for both of us, but it’s going to be unbelievably worth all of it.

Don’t mind me right now though. Right now while I still have my girl under the same roof as me I will take every moment I can to hold onto these lasts we will share together, and I will continue to look ahead to all of the amazing things she’s going to get to see and do. A year filled with lasts is still a year with many firsts to come and I’m looking forward to this ride and everything that is going to come.

And by the way, all of my readers, I know it has been a while since I’ve truly consistently blogged, but I’m making a commitment right here and right now for the month of November during NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) to blog more. I probably won’t be finishing writing any books during the month of November, but my goal is to try to write every weekday for the month of November on my blog. I’d love to write all 30 days of November, but I’m just not sure that’s a feasible goal for me. It has been a long time. Before I start that tomorrow I wanted you all to know where I’ve been. Now that I’ve admitted to the year of lasts with my daughter I think it’s about time I start chronicling more of these things we do as a family of 6 again on the blog. So I hope you’re ready to hear more from me as I take you through the craziness of having two daughters in high school, one applying to colleges this year, and two kids in elementary school, one who’s just really starting on this whole pathway to college journey. Things are probably going to be a tad emotional up in here this year. So sorry in advance about that.

Getting Lost in the Lyman Corn Maze

4 kids lost in the corn maze

4 kids lost in the corn maze

One of our favorite New England Fall activities is apple picking. There’s no better place to go to get apples in Connecticut than Lyman Orchard’s in Middlefield. We go every year sometimes multiple times a year. We actually had gone back before most of the kids went back to school and got some apples. It was super early in the apple picking season though and our middle daughter had already started school so she wasn’t with us. We promised her we’d do it again though.

When I had an opportunity to not only go apple picking, but also let the kids go through the corn maze at Lyman Orchard I was excited to give it a go. We hadn’t done the corn maze before. I was excited to surprise the kids with this treat.

I however was not prepared for the crowd when we went. We went back on October 15 when my husband had a Saturday off and I was able to get my work done early in the day. We decided to pick apples first. There were plenty of apples to choose from on that day and they were all delicious. My husband had been asking for an apple pie so I was excited to get our half a peck of apples to be able to make a fresh apple pie for him. Once we finished picking our apples we went back to the car and drove down to the Apple Barrel to go to get our tickets for the corn maze. We had enough for the four kids to go through the maze. They were very excited to head on into the maze. My husband and I waited at the end for them to get their way through. When they finally reached the end with looks of relief on their faces that they find their way out and tales of not having eaten since the 1700′s it was great to know that they made some pretty great memories together.

Corn Maze

Corn Maze

It was a beautiful day to go apple picking. It was much more packed however than we have ever seen it before. It was a bit of a traffic nightmare to get to the apples and to park for the corn maze and even to leave. We didn’t even really get to do any shopping in the Apple Barrel because it was too busy for our liking. There seemed to be some other events happening there that day though making it much busier than usual. We did what we set out to do. We got plenty of delicious apples and the kids had a blast in the corn maze. There’s a good possibility that this will be our last year doing the apple picking as a family of six. It’s a bit sad to think of how many lasts we are going through this year with my oldest going off to college next year. It’s all that much more important that we make all of these lasts that much more memorable and I think we accomplished that with this trip to the apple farm this year.

Oh yeah, and the pie that I made for my husband was delicious, if I do say so myself.

Apple Pie

Apple Pie

Lyman Orchard Corn Maze

lyman6Have you ever been to Lyman Orchard in Middlefield CT? It’s our go to apple picking place for some beautiful views and tasty apples. We’ve actually already gone once this year. It’s tons us fun for the whole family and I know my kids always ask if we can go there. If you’re in CT or are planning a trip here, then I highly recommend you check out Lyman Orchards. They aren’t just good for apple picking, we go during the summer for berries and peaches. You can even do a sunflower maze during the summer months. In the fall they have apples and pumpkins too. And then there’s the ever popular corn maze.

You also do not want to miss the Apple Barrel when you go to Lyman. A nice little country store that has all sorts of locally grown fruits and veggies and the cupcakes are to die for. Check out all there is to offer at Lyman’s.


Lyman Orchard with a view

Get lost in the Corn Maze this year and help the Lyman Family celebrate 275 years of farming the land here in Middlefield. It’s a fun-filled adventure nearly three centuries years in the making. Challenge yourself to our special 275th anniversary corn maze featuring of the historic Lyman Orchards’ Homestead.

* 4 acres of towering corn
* 2 miles of pathways
* Challenging design
* Fun trivia questions
* Corn Cops help guide the way

$1 of every admission is donated to the American Cancer Society. In 16 Maze seasons, you’ve helped us donate $507,127 to the ACS!

The Corn Maze is open Weekdays 3-6pm, Weekends and holidays 10am-6pm. Last entry at 5:30pm. Pick Your Own is open 9am-5pm daily and the Apple Barrel market is open 9am-7pm daily.

Lyman Orchards Corn Maze September 3rd – November 6th! Connecticut’s Maze of Historic Proportions!