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birthdday partyIt’s April and around here that means I tend to get a little panicked trying to fit everything in for the month.  Lots of school events tend to start happening this time of the year, but my two oldest girls have April birthdays too.  I tend to like it when Easter falls in March because that frees up weekends for birthday parties.

This year I am really slacking.  My friends and family generally think of me as the party planner.  I begin to think about my kids birthdays months in advance.  By now I would have a date and theme picked out for each of the girls.  I would have invitations most likely made or about to be and sent out for my middle daughter.  And when I don’t have one party for the two of them I usually like to have 2 weeks between their parties so I only have to truly focus on one at a time.

This year the girls wanted to do a venue party at a local bowling alley.  While I like this idea my pocket book wasn’t liking it too much when I looked up the price recently.  Honestly, I can probably do something cheaper at home.

So as I was doing my monthly calendar I began presenting my ideas to my girls. I hate disappointing them, and disappoint them I did.  However, after thinking about it both girls being the awesome kids that they are came up with new ideas for their birthdays.  Actually, my teenager isn’t much into the whole traditional pin the tail on the donkey kiddie birthday party anymore.  She likes hanging with a few very close friends anyways.  So, she had such a good time last year feeling all grown up going into a movie theater with just her friends that she asked for that.  And since there isn’t a minimum you have to bring,this is a little more in our budget since she would only want two of her best friends really anyways.  I think she’s debating about doing a sleepover with it too.  Just have to see what movies will be out within the next 3 weeks.

My middle daughter likes a big crowd though.  So we’ll keep it at home.  After much debate she has decided she wants a One Direction party.  So now comes the fun in planning a party with no time.  I am going back and forth on when we should do it. She wants it as close to her birthday as possible which means the weekend of the 13th/14th.  But that means we have to get invitations out like now and my husband doesn’t have time to ask for a day off.  Plus that weekend is the start of their mini April vacation this year.  I’m afraid people will be cramming things into the shortened break and she might not get as many friends.  So I’m trying to convince her to hold off a week.  Gives me more time to plan this way.  Although, that’s back to back party weekends.  Oh well, my oldest daughter’s isn’t much planning.

But One Direction?  Okay, I know my girls are gaga for this band, but other than that, I know nothing. Gone are the days of Mickey Mouse I guess.  At least with them.  So now I am trying to figure out party games, food, invitations, decorations, and cake for a One Direction party.  Here’s what I have come up with.

Planning A Last Minute 1D Party For An 11 Year Old.

So of course we have to start with the invitations.  My daughter wants me to make microphone invitations.  I would, but that requires cutting and we’re running low on time here.  So I’m thinking if I make it like a concert ticket.  I did this for my oldest daughter’s Hannah Montana party one year.  It worked out really well so I think I’ll do that again.

Okay, now time for the party itself.  The games!  Is 11 too old for a variation of pin the tail on the donkey?  Apparently not, my daughter asked what we would do.  So Pin the Heart on a member of One Direction sounds like a plan to me.  Although, the extent of my artistic ability ends with cartoon characters.  I won’t be drawing anyone so we’ll just use a poster.  We have plenty of those around here.

Still in need of more games. Just Dance 4 to the rescue. It just so happens to have a One Direction song on it.  Of course it’s only a 4 player game, but I think we can make due without actually having to give everyone a controller, or they can take turns.

I think One Direction trivia will be fun to do.  Luckily my oldest is a huge One Direction fan so I can put her in charge of the trivia game.

Don’t Forget The Lyrics with One Direction will be my game in my pocket in case they run through the games too fast.  They’ll have to sing One Direction songs and then complete the lyric.

Now we need to think food!  Just going to go with the basic party food.  Chips of my daughter’s choosing maybe some pizza bites.

The cake however is the big deal.  I have a guitar shaped cake pan from my oldest daughter’s Hannah Montana party.  So I think if I just use that and decorate it like it’s an acoustic guitar and put the 1D logo on it that should be good.

I did see a cool looking top hat, but it used fondant and I’m not very good with fondant.  My cake plans might change several times, but my original thought is go with what you already have.  There is after all no time for any special orders.

Finally, the goody bags.  I’ll just pick up a bunch of little girly trinkets at the dollar store for that and then see if I can get some One Direction stickers or tattoos to add into the mix.  I might need a few trophies too to give out to the winners of our games.

And there you have it.  My off the top of my head plan for a birthday party that I’ll be throwing in less than 3 weeks. Think I can pull it off?  Come back later this month to find out.  Assuming of course my daughter doesn’t totally change direction on me.  She really isn’t one to go in one direction and she’s always changing her mind.

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  1. I have to laugh. Your daughter loves 1D, my sons run screaming from the room when they are on. I think that is one of the things I enjoy most about my boys being older: not having to plan a theme party. They have graduated to the sleepover/video game marathon type parties.

    Have a good week!

    • I actually live for this party planning though ;). I’m going to miss it when I don’t have anyone to do it for. Clearly my oldest is getting too old for theme parties. The whole movie/sleepover thing works for her. And the joy of the older kids is they love helping with the games.

  2. I found some 1D goodie bag items on ebay for $11, it was enough stuff for 8 goodie bags and then I went to Target in the dollar section at the front of the store and found quite a bit of items for $1. We got goodie bag items plus the ebay order came with a couple necklaces that we used for prizes in the games. I printed off a 1D crossword puzzle and a quiz, the girls had fun filing them out. If i would have had more time I would have liked to make foods the 1D boys like, but we settled for chips/dip, cookies, candy, usual party food. This wasn’t for a birthday so we didn’t have a cake. This was just a “release party” for the dvd. I also found 3 rubber bracelets on ebay for $1, so I wrapped them and used them as prizes as well. Found 1D party items at the party store, plates, cups, and table cloth. And another idea that I wanted to do but didn’t have time was like the previously mentioned Pin the tail on the donkey, but it’s with lips instead, and you aim for their mouth, or cheek.


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