Preparing For Frankenstorm

Well, as many of you know I’m in CT and therefore right in the path of this great super storm which has not so lovingly been nicknamed Frankenstorm.  I honestly don’t know what the deal is with this particular week of the year.  One of our busy times too.  I had parent/teacher conferences scheduled for my oldest daughter this week, Halloween, my son’s 5th birthday, my birthday, and my Pampered Chef/Gourmet Cupboard party all planned along with all of the other day to day stuff.

Instead now for at least two days school is canceled so far.  We probably will miss out on trick or treating again this year.  We will do our best yet again to give my son an enjoyable birthday probably in the dark again.  And maybe I’ll luck out and wake up to electricity for my birthday.  Although, my hope of course is that we just don’t lose power at all or if we do it’s for no more than 24 hours, but the forecast for the whole week really looks bad.  If power goes out no one will be fixing the problem until the storm passes.

It’s really just looking bad all around.  I am grateful at least that it does not look like we’re getting snow.  I’m hoping that everyone stays safe.  It would be wonderful if all of these forecasts were just completely wrong and this blew over us with nearly a sneeze.  But if that’s not the case we are prepared.

We have our water, we have canned goods, we have phones charged, we cleaned off our porch, we parked our car away from trees, we have laundry all caught up, we have electronics charged, we have batteries, we have candles, we have plenty of bored games to entertain us.  My husband is on vacation for the week, although he is on standby for emergencies at work.

And here’s the thing with my blog.  If I’m without power I’m mostly without internet.  While I can get on with my daughter’s Kindle it’s very difficult and has a tendency to freeze up with certain sites.  So please excuse me while I might be lacking in my blogging this week.  I have a couple of posts scheduled, but not for the whole week.  I will update as soon as I can and everyone else who is on the east coast and in the path of this super storm stay safe and heed warnings of evacuations.  We’re hunkering down here and riding things out.

October Freak storms take two…

You didn’t break us last year and we’re not going to let you break us again!

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  1. hopefully youll be alright and don’t lose power. My Mom is afraid their roof is going to rip off and she is going to lose her pictures. She has been calling me asking me what the chances are….ugh! I have no idea because I live in hurricane standard houses and have been through a cat 3 storm, it is soooo different when a storm like this heads up North. Stay safe if you lose power. Give us a tweet and let us know your ok if you can. I have my fingers crossed for Halloween!!!

    • Ha, I’m kind of worried about a lot of things pertaining to this house when weather like this happens, but really I think the biggest concern everyone has is for flooding with this. Your mom is looking at a direct hit from the storm though, right? Hopefully there’s not too much damage. So far so good around here. A lot of wind, but we still have power so I’m soaking up as much time as I can on the internet ;).

  2. Now it is hitting further South, but they are on the North end of it. I really hope you guys do alright. I just hope everyone is safe. This is so dangerous in so many ways. Stay safe Monica. Please let me know how you are doing if you are able to.

    • So far so good. They are basically shutting the state down. In half an hour all state highways will be closed to non emergent vehicles. So we’re stuck here, lol. Still have power and things haven’t been too bad where we are. We are inland though so I don’t know how the shoreline is doing. I think the worst of it is supposed to be tonight/tomorrow though.

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