Recap Of A Crumby Day In The Life Of Monica

Ahhhh, I’m glad Wednesday is almost over.  Like I have not been happy to see a day end like this in a very long time.  And I do try to find the good in things, but today is really just a day where I just need to vent.  I know there are people who are worse off than me and I don’t want to suggest my day was worse than anyone else’s bad day, but you just have to get it out sometimes and move on.  Just a great way to heal sometimes.  So you all get to hear my release.

It All Began Shortly After 7 a.m.

My husband got up to go to work.  We were having trouble with our internet last night and he told me we were still having problems.  I knew I was going to have to call AT&T our DSL provider to resolve this problem.  I also knew that I had to get the kids up and dressed and fed before 9 a.m. and the house straightened up for the baby’s speech therapist to come over.

So I got on the phone to AT&T and I waited on hold for over an hour.  In that time I got the house straightened up, the kids up, dressed, and fed.  Finally, I got someone on the line and I explained to her the problem and she asked for the phone number or account number.  Since I am only a DSL customer I gave her my account number, but she couldn’t find my account.

So she asks me if that’s the phone number for the account.  I explained again that it was the account number, I do not have a phone number.  So then she asks if it was the mobile number on the account.  What?  No I just told you three times it’s the account number.  She told me she can’t find my account and she would have to try another way and then that was it.  The line was silent.  She never said she was putting my on hold.  I didn’t lost the call.  I kept asking if she was there and nothing.  It was almost 9 a.m. and I still wasn’t dressed so I had to hang up as I couldn’t deal with this at the time any longer anyways.  Remember, my ordeal all began over an hour and a half prior.  So there went over an hour of my life and I still did not have working internet.

A Break For Therapy

I couldn’t think about that problem now, I needed to turn my attention to my children.  Her therapist was late.  Therapy is tough right now with all of the kid’s home and it doesn’t help that my daughter just got a new therapist so she needs to get acquainted with her.

We spend a lot of time diffusing fights between the baby and my four year old as it is right now.  Add to that a clingy little girl and it made for an interesting time.  We got through the hour and I sent the kid’s off to play together while I attempted to resolve this internet problem.

I fully expected to be on hold for another hour.  I wasn’t, but it was still a long wait and when I did finally get someone she ended up having to put me on hold.  After about fifteen minutes of that I explained to her the situation of over an hour already and now even more time and I have children and I either need to talk to whoever she’s waiting to talk to or they will need to call me back.  None of which were an option.  I gave her ten minutes to get someone before I just completely canceled my internet.

Amazingly right at the 10 minute deadline she came back ready to help.  She got my DSL up and running after another half an hour or so of working on it.  My problems were only half solved because I also had a billing problem.  So I had to be transferred to billing.

Well, billing was not meant to be.  I was told there was a higher than usual call volume and either go to their website or call back tomorrow.  Ah that’s just perfect.  So I still have a bill that is incorrect.

Now during all of this time I had tweeted to AT&T several times.  They were supposed to have someone contact me, but oddly that didn’t happen until we were sitting down to dinner at nearly 7 pm tonight.  However, they are telling me that I’ll hear from someone about my billing problems in 24-48 hours.

I am so fed up with AT&T though.  For the past year I have had to have a technician out twice because of spotty internet.  I still am having problems and they have more than doubled my monthly bill.  Every time I call them I am on the phone for at least an hour.  It took a good portion out of my day today and it’s still not resolved.

Down Internet Meant I Couldn’t Work

I have work I actually get paid for that requires me to use the internet.  I couldn’t do my work this morning.  So when I did finally get internet back at nearly 12:00 I spent the rest of the day playing catch up.  And of course leave it to the day that I’m already behind that I would end up with a ton of work to do.

So now I’m even more behind on my day and that’s why blogging isn’t getting done until now.  Well, that and Facebook drama.

Group Problems

I love my Facebook groups.  But today I was distracted with some problems.  I’m hoping they have settled down.  I hope things can get back to normal.  I hope I helped settle things down.  It has been exhausting though.

But it’s over.  And tomorrow is a new day.  So we will start again and I will hopefully get back on schedule with a review of BIC Soleil.  That was the plan for today, but clearly that didn’t happen and at this point getting everything out was just important.

How was your day?

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  1. B C EDWARDS says:

    good day for me today although I think tomorrow will prob be one of those days when I’ll stay 2.5 hrs OT and still not get everything done

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