Recap Of Our 1D Party

birthday girl MMMAs you may recall a few weeks ago I was talking about my last minute plans (well, last minute for me anyways) for a One Direction birthday party for my daughter.  We still have one more birthday party to go this month, but that’s actually quite simple.  We’ll have pizza and cake at the house and then head out to the movie theater.  They really do get easier the older they get.  Even this One Direction party was easier than my son’s birthday parties tend to be for me.

I think this biggest task in this whole thing was just making the invitations I made.  Well, that and trying to find One Direction stuff that didn’t cost an arm and a leg.  I wasn’t successful with that.  The goody bags had no One Direction stuff in them because I wasn’t spending $8 per item that went in the bag.  My daughter was happy with the dollar store items I picked up though.

But I was solo for this party.  My husband ended up having to go to work at 2 and the party started at 3.  So we had a handful of 10 and 11 year old girls invade the house and I was the only adult present.  They’re a good group of girls though.  It was actually a very mellow group.

He done good decorating.

He done good decorating.

And because I had everything under control with set up I even scheduled the kids for haircuts right before the party.  My husband decorated (because that is his job for the birthday parties) while I was at the hairdresser with the kids.  We got home just in time for him to leave for work and me to do some last minute cleaning and prepping.  I think this was one of the least stressed I have been going into a birthday party and I was the only adult in the house.  Go figure.

The Party

So as her friends began to arrive she just brought them in her room and showed them around.  They wanted to go outside to wait for one of the girls who was going to be a little late.  They didn’t last too long.  It was a little chilly and well probably boring out there because I didn’t plan any outdoor activities.  So they came in a few minutes later.  They munched on some chips and pizza rolls while they waited and then decided after I kept prodding them that they would play Just Dance 4.

My oldest daughter helped get them set up with that and just as they started the final guest arrived.  So they started over with the last girl and they did a few dances with that.  Then it was time for the One Direction Trivia game my oldest daughter created.  I was the score keeper.  The girls competed on their knowledge of One Direction and well they didn’t seem to know a whole lot.  Or my oldest made it too hard for them.  Not sure, but they had fun making up answers for it.

Pin the heart on NiallWe got to the last question and there was a tie.  My daughter hadn’t prepared for that so she went to create a tie breaker while I started the next game.  Pin the heart on Niall.  This would be my middle daughter’s favorite member of One Direction.  I just made hearts out of some card stock and used a poster of Niall hung on my door.  I blindfolded the girls and sent them on their way to pin the heart on Niall.  Well, when you’re 10 and 11 you have figured out that if you feel around for the poster you can get pretty close.  They were all in the general vicinity.

I didn’t realize how late it had gotten and parents were going to be arriving in 20 minutes and we still haven’t done cake and presents.  My daughter decided she wanted an ice cream cake.  So it wasn’t a One Direction theme.  I did write a Happy Birthday message on the cake for her, but that was it.  We did cake and presents and then my oldest had finally finished her tie breaker.  But parents were arriving so we just called it a draw and everyone won a medal.

ice cream cake

It was really amazing how fast the time went.  My daughter was pleased with the party though and of course that’s all that matters.  Now begins the year long I want to do this for my birthday party next year requests.

What’s your next party them going to be?

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