Slot Car Birthday Party

14947834_10153845918022653_165924438244145929_nWe had my son’s birthday party over the weekend. Birthdays in November in New England can be rough. You never know what the weather will do. As a matter of fact in 2011 when my son was turning 4 the day of his party we had a terrible snow storm which knocked out power during his party for days. So it’s always interesting planning his party. When we began planning this year’s party we tossed around the idea of  a paintball party. Since it would be outdoors though and I couldn’t be sure that we wouldn’t be under snow I was really hesitant about it. Plus, my son is older than most of the kids in his class so I wasn’t sure that they would all be able to do paintball. Then I found this slot car place that’s local. I thought how cool is this, my dad has slot cars, I remember how fun it was for me when I was a kid to get to play with his slot cars so I presented it as an idea for my son. He was very intrigued. But since he had never actually seen slot cars before I wanted to bring him to the place to see what it was like.

So one October Saturday we headed down to Rapid Raceway and went in. Everyone was so nice. They let me son try out one of the slot cars to see if he liked it. He was a natural He loved it and said that’s where he wanted his party. We we booked it right there and began the party planning. And this past Saturday morning we went to Rapid Raceway and had so much fun.

I have done a lot of birthday parties over the years. Some at home, some at locations and of the ones I have done at locations I have never had such personal attention to our group. Now granted, we were the only ones there, but Dawn, the owner of Rapid Raceway remember my son from when we had been in a few weeks prior and she truly bent over backwards to make him feel special. He didn’t come in 1st place, but it was all very close. Dawn watched my son and was giving him pointers of when to let up on the throttle for the car and how to race. The kids all got ribbons and my son got a huge trophy. We had ten racers and the whole thing only cost $130. We got such personal attention and so much for such a low price.


By far I think it was one of the favorite parties to date. All of the kids had fun. One of the parents told me that all his son did was talk about this party. We got an hour of race time and an hour in the party room. We didn’t have to rush out of there either. It’s not like there was another party that was right on top of ours that we had to clear out for. All of the kids left with a paper that said what place they got and a ribbon.  What a memorable birthday party. If you are local and looking for something to do then definitely check out Rapid Raceway. It’s totally worth it. We’re looking forward to going back to race slot cars again.

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