Summer Book Club

If you are here for book club check the side bar.  There’s a chat on the sidebar.  The one on the page wasn’t working for me and I didn’t have time to fix it.

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  1. Okay time to overrun this post with comments

  2. Do you all have to enter your name and info when ever you comment on here?

  3. did you get my first comment?

    • This is the first comment I got. You all are probably going to have to keep refreshing the page to see the comments though.

  4. Okay sorry about this everyone. I can’t seem to find a place where we can all get the thing to work at once. It’s like a bad omen. But Jude please share your thoughts on the book.

  5. I guess it’s time that we call this. I want to thank Jenny and Jude for making such a valiant effort at participating in book club tonight. I know we ran into a million different issues with chats and servers not working. Live and learn right? I will find the right thing to use for this I promise. It just might take me some time so please continue to bear with me. We never got a chance to discuss the next book choice so I am going to make an executive decision. Based on the answers on the survey from those who showed up the next book we will read is Us by Michael Kimball. We will meet here at 9 pm EST next Monday July 9. If anyone has any suggestions for a good chat interface please let me know. Thank you all for trying and I’m sorry the first week couldn’t have gone a little more smoothly.

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