Summer Book Club Is Cancelled For Tonight

Hello from New Hampshire this morning! I had every intention of having book club tonight. My internet connection isn’t too bad, but you know what? I’m on vacation. And while I thought that would lend more time to reading it hasn’t exactly done that.

We are having a great time, but I have not finished reading Sister yet. As a matter of fact I’m only 45% of the way through it according to my daughter’s Kindle. So I hope no one minds if we postpone our talk about Sister to next Monday, July 23rd at 9 p.m. EST right here.

And also if you’ll take note on the bottom of the page I actually have a bar that has a chat on it which you can use your Facebook or Twitter to sign into. I would like to give that a try as a chat. I’m hoping it can support everyone, but so far the other ones I have been using haven’t allowed more than one other person with me at a time.

So I am hoping this works better and I was hoping to try it out this week. However while I think I know who done it considering there’s still more than halfway to the end I know I have barely gotten to all of the twists and turns of this book. I don’t want to begin talking to you all about it and finding out something I had no idea about. So I hope no one minds the extra time to read. Or for me to read since you all probably followed the rules and read the book cover to cover. Unless you said to yourself there’s no way she’s going to finish that book going on vacation with small children. In which case I say next time scream at me how extremely naive I am being in thinking I could do it all!

I have also foolishly taken on the task of reviewing a book for my blog. One which I don’t intend to read for book club so I’m hoping to find more time to get through reading these books. I often forget vacationing with small children isn’t too much of a vacation. We are having a blast though, that I can tell you. I’ll likely come home in need of a vacation from our vacation though, ha.

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  1. Here’s wishing you loads of “spare time” (ha!) to get all that reading done! :)

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