Summer Book Discussion 2013 #2

summer book discussion

I was going to wait until Tuesday to do this, but I have a lot to discuss.  Who knows, maybe I’ll end up doing two Summer Book Discussions this week.

I finished reading The Body of Christopher Creed on the 4th of July.  Another relatively easy read.  It’s a young adult book after all.  My daughter had warned me that it had a lot of bad words in it.  I don’t really know what her definition of a lot is, but I didn’t find it all that bad.  She was probably concerned that if she didn’t warn me I’d be upset that she was being required to read a book with bad words.

It wasn’t a bad little mystery.  I think it was something teenagers could easily relate to.  I kind of felt like it resembled the movie Stand by Me.  More so in the beginning of the book really though when three boys are talking about a boy who has gone missing and is either thought to have run away, or committed suicide.  The boys being curious about what happened to him set out to find answers.  Along the way though one of the boys, Torey, ends up distancing himself from this group of boys and starts hanging around the school slut and the school bully.  Only he learns that their reputations are deceiving.

His best friends from childhood turn on him and even begin pointing fingers at him, but the school bully took the blame for many things that Torey had done to protect him.  He turned out to be a much more loyal friend than his life long buddies had been.

Does Torey find Christopher Creed?  Is he dead or alive?  That you will have to read to find out, but I was impressed with the story line.  It definitely kept my interest.

Right after I finished reading The Body Of Christopher Creed I picked up Stephen King’s Under The Dome.  Turned out my neighbor had it so I didn’t have to wait until I went to the library to start reading it.  And this is probably one of the longest books I have read in a while.  Looking at it I was thinking this is going to take me the rest of the summer to read.  However, I started reading it on Friday and I’m already over 400 pages in.  And let me just say, Stephen King does not disappoint.  The TV program that is out this summer that was created after the book is not completely following the story line of the book.

Stephen King sure has a way of painting a picture though.  And a gory one at that.  I found myself wincing and closing my eyes at many points trying not to see what I just read.  And here’s the biggest thing; I don’t want to leave my town, ever again.  Seriously, the thought that an invisible dome could just cover my town at any moment is terrifying.  The fact that I could be innocently driving to the next town over to go to Target one day and just smash right into this dome and die, never seeing what was coming has me petrified.

I probably shouldn’t read or watch this kind of stuff.  I mean years and years ago I watched some movie (I can’t for the life of me think of what it’s called) where a woman got into her shower that had a glass shower door that jammed shut and the shower turned to burning hot water.  The woman ended up burning to death in a shower.  I vowed then and there that I would never have a shower door.  Stuff like that just can’t happen with a shower curtain.  My husband thinks I’m nuts and now he’ll think I’m even more nuts when I say we are not allowed to cross the town line ever again.  I’m going to have to convince our kid’s doctor to open an office in our town I think.

Surely reading further into this book will help my anxiety level, right?  One can hope, but hey this is what Stephen King does to me.  He makes the completely unthinkable not only thinkable, but a possibility as well. 

At the rate I’m going with this book I think I could have it done within the next week or so and I mine as well read another book that was recreated by Hollywood.  Next up on my to read list is The Great Gatsby.  My cousin had given this to my daughter recently and she read it.  I don’t remember ever having to read it for school.  Thought now might be a good time to pick it up since we have a copy in the house.

What book are you reading now?  What’s next up on your list?  Leave a comment or link up a book review post below.

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  1. The Great Gatsby is great – you will love it (or at least, I hope you will)! As for the dome thing, that totally freaks me out too. I’m flying to Chicago later this month without my husband and kids and I’m terrified something weird, random, or horrible will happen. Of course, we can’t live life like that, but there have been too many books and tv shows were random, bad stuff like that separates families. Actually, now that I think about it, I think there’s a tv show coming out this summer about a city under a dome, but I can’t remember the name right now…

    • It’s called Under the Dome Jennifer, and it’s already out ;). I’ve watched the first two episodes and it’s based on this Stephen King book. Although, so far I have to say Stephen King’s version of it is far more devious and sinister than it appears on TV.

  2. Ahhh “Under The Dome”. Almost as good as Pet Sematary!

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