Summer Book Discussion 2013 #4

summer book discussionI am really slacking.  After reading Stephen King’s Under The Dome I was supposed to start The Great Gatsby, but I have yet to do that.  I even had a friend ship three books to me that she thought I would enjoy reading and I haven’t picked any of those up yet either.  I’ll blame it on vacation.  With my husband home I have been getting behind on a lot of things and reading is one of them.  So I have nothing to discuss, but I figure some of you are probably being better about reading this summer than I am.

So what are you reading?  What do you recommend?  Link up a post below about a book you have recently read, or just leave me a comment and tell me about more books I can put on my to read list and then not actually read, ha.

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  1. I highly highly recommend (for your oldest and yourself) “Wonder” – it’s a magnificent story about not judging people by how they look, not bullying, being who you are, and is amazing. A dear friend recommended it to me, her son has a similar facial defect to the main character in the story, so for me it touched me very deeply, but others have also praised it!

  2. I am reading some romance on my Kindle…it is okay and just okay. It lags. I finished the last Sookie Stackhouse book. Charlaine Harris wrapped it well. I have never seen nor will I ever watch the HBO show based on the novels…why ruin a pretty good story with TV crap.

    • Judi,
      You’re not reading an indie book are you? I like comparing books to what TV and Hollywood end up turning them into. I don’t know why, it’s always a disappointment. Always best to read the book. It intrigues me how Hollywood interprets a book though. Or rather how they think they need to change it to play well in a movie. My oldest loves The Hunger Games. She loved the movie and the books, but she is disappointed that Hollywood left out an important part to the first movie and is unsure how they are going to end up playing it out in the next one that’s coming out.

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