Summer Book Discussion #3

summer book discussionMoving right along this summer.  Less than 3 weeks into summer vacation and I have completed 3 books.  Although, the last one really could have been 4 books with its over 1000 pages and all.  I finished reading Under the Dome this weekend.  And I needed a few days to process everything.

First of all, it’s no shock to me that Stephen King wrote an awesome book.  Even though it is extremely long it really was an easy read.  I thought for sure it was going to take me all summer to get through it.  It took me a week.  Of course the fact that I couldn’t put it down might have also had something to do with that.  Stephen King is really a brilliant man.  There is a reason he’s one of the top authors of our time.

I have been noticing a lot of self published authors popping up.  This is all fine and good for ebooks and little instructional type books, but there’s a certain finesse it takes to write a good fiction book and Stephen King knows that finesse.  First of all, everything he writes is researched to make it as believable as possible.  That’s important.  That’s what draws you into a book is the belief that the unbelievable could actually happen.  Being able to picture life inside a dome as if you’re fish inside a fish tank with people looking in on you is one amazing talent and there’s no doubt about it Stephen King did that.  And he did that because he consulted someone on the medical aspect of things as well as the environmental.

This book had everything in it.  From fights, to murder, to intrigue, and even love scenes.  The way each character related to one another was perfect.  It felt like you would expect small town America to feel like.

This book was literally a lifetime in the making.  At the end of the book he put some author notes.  He began writing this book in 1976, but got stuck and didn’t come back to it until 2007.  And even still it wasn’t published until 2009.  I really appreciated the writing that much more knowing just how much of the author’s heart and sole was actually put into that book.

One of the most difficult things about this book was the massive character list.  I’m sure that was intimidating for him to write as well, but trying to remember who everyone was became sort of hard for the reader.  That was the only thing that slowed me down in reading it, but even still it was done very well. I highly recommend this book.  Do not let the size of it intimidate you.  You will not be disappointed in it.

Next book on my to read list is The Great Gatsby.  I am hoping to dive into that later today.  I needed a few days to process Under the Dome, but I think I’m good to go now.

What are you reading?  Tell me in comments or link up to a book review on your own blog if you’d like.

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