Sundae Spa

sundaespalogoTaking a spa and melding it with sundaes makes for the perfect mother/daughter experience.  Could there possibly be such a place that would put icecream together with manicures and makeup?  Yes, there is, it’s called Sundae Spa.  Here’s what they have to say about it:

Sundae Spa is a Deliciously Interactive experience. Salon and Spa for kids. Includes Dessert Manicures, Pedicures, Facials, Hair wraps, feathers, extensions, glam strands and more. We also offer make your own customized dessert counter products that include, body spray, lip gloss, chapstick, soap, scented bouncy balls, slime and much more. Not enough? We offer private parties in our private party rooms, Thursday Event Nights, Girl Scout Events and Much more….. Check it Out!!!!

My Readers can enjoy a Weekend Party for 5 at Sundae Spa for only $149.95 use this exclusive coupon.

If you take advantage of this, then please come by and let me know how it was.


I am sharing this deal with you as a part of the US Family Guide Blogger program.

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