The Storm Of The Century Has Passed

Hurricane Sandy came ripping through here all day yesterday and today the sun is shining.  I am so very happy to say that we made it through this storm mostly unscathed.  Our power flickered a few times, but never actually went out.  The last time it flickered was around 11 last night and then we heard a big bang right after it went out.  I guess a transformer blew, but our power came right back on.

We didn’t get a lot of rain, it was mostly wind.  The shoreline here in CT was pounded the worst with this one.  There are still thousands of people in the state without power.  There is massive flooding and property loss.  Houses caught on fire and firefighters were unable to get to them because of flood waters.

So I know those people are dealing with a lot right now.  And Halloween is being canceled for them.  My kids will go back to school tomorrow.  They get to have Halloween this year.  I hope the shoreline communities reschedule Halloween for those kids unlike they did here for us last year.  I am saddened every time I hear about another person who lost a life due to this storm.  I believe the current count in CT is 3.  I hope as the flood waters recede and rescuers are better able to get to those areas that number doesn’t go up.  It’s a shame that people won’t heed warnings of evacuation and things like this have to happen.

I want to thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers for us and our family and everyone in the path of this devastating storm.  It’s going to take a lot for people to rebuild.  I am relieved that we were prepared and our state in general seemed much more prepared for things and I would like to say communication was better this time around.  Maybe it’s because we kept our power the whole time, but even listening to the radio last year it just seemed like there was no communication from the electric companies.  They weren’t telling officials what was going on, they weren’t telling customers what was going on, and so many people suffered because of that.  Having a better idea of what to expect really makes things a little more bearable.

I really was prepared for the worst and have had several blog posts planned for this week.  That does still work out to my favor though.  I can enjoy some time with my husband with him home on vacation this week.  I’m feeling very blessed though that’s for sure.  So I’ll take this near miss and say a little prayer for those who were much harder hit.

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  1. so happy you guys are ok and Halloween isn’t canceled :)
    My parents condo is fine, but the beautiful boardwalk and shops where they live, etc. are virtually destroyed. My hometown where I grew up is destroyed. It is so sad to see all of the pictures coming out the area I grew up in. It is completely unrecognizable. Everyone I know is accounted for and safe, without power and cold, but safe. So we have to be thankful for that.

    • Oh, at least they are safe. I know how they feel though without power and cold. Are they able to go to a shelter until their power is restored? Do they have a timeline for getting everyone’s power back online? I hope it’s not too long for them. It’s amazing how much we rely on electricity. You take it for granted until you’re without it for an extended amount of time. Glad everyone is safe though. Things can be rebuilt. No it’s not the same, but it’s better than lives lost which sadly there has been far too many of in this storm :(.

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