Valentine Cake Pops

Valentine'sI know, I know it’s a week and a half after Valentine’s day. But you see my youngest daughter who just started going to a speech class twice a week just had her Valentine’s day party at school today. Well, not really party, but they handed out Valentine’s. All because every day she had school there was a snow day or a delay meaning her class was canceled. So she hasn’t been at school for two weeks. No school means no Valentine’s party.

But today was snow free and ice free so she finally had class. I was worried that with such a long break the slight success we had finally seen the last time she was at school was going to be completely lost. But girl be a sucker for a party and giving out treats so I had to make these Valentine’s good. I decided I would make cake pops.  Despite my husband’s doubts at my ability to accomplish this without having a special cake pop machine, I managed to pull it off. I got the idea from Hungry Happenings for them, but I skipped a lot of what she did on hers. While it was cute I couldn’t figure out how it would travel to school so I decided to simplify. I mean, we’re talking about 3 year olds here. I’m sure just the fact that they had cake on a stick was a dream come true for them. Even with my simplifying this recipe I have to say it wasn’t the easiest thing to do.

The Cake

I started out with a chocolate cake. I opted to go with the Hershey recipe that’s on the back of the Unsweetened Cocoa rather than my usual recipe because it’s less rich than the one I usually make. I placed the cake into my stand mixer to break it up. Then I added half a cup of white frosting to the cake and mixed it until it could form a ball. Then I started rolling my cake into balls. I made them the size of my ice cream scoop.


I melted some white candy melts and inserted a pop stick into the melted candy and put it inside the cake balls. While that hardened I colored some coconut red. I had started out dipping the cake into the melted candies to coat and then dipping in the coconut, but the candy was hardening too fast and it wasn’t letting the coconut stick to it.  So instead I covered them with the rest of the white frosting I had. The coconut stuck to this much better. I had some candy eyes which I placed on the cake pops and held them there with the melted candy melts.  And that was pretty much it.

Valentine Cake Pops

They should have had feet and antennae, but I don’t think I could have covered them and transported them to school without breaking something or losing something off of one. I still think they were cute without all of that and my daughter’s teachers were very impressed with them.  I placed them in small cellophane bags and tied it around the pop stick.  I tied the Valentine cards to the ribbon.  And that was that.  I only needed six for my daughter’s class so the rest I had (about 14) stayed home for us to enjoy and they were very tasty.  The cake was extremely moist. I wish I could have gotten that candy coating to work because I think that would have added more of a crunch to the whole thing, but all in all they were a hit. My daughter couldn’t have been more please to hand out her Valentine’s for the first time this year.

What is your favorite Valentine treat recipe?

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