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Do your kids schools allow for Valentine’s Day parties?  Mine does not, but they are allowed to exchange Valentine’s.  We can’t send in any treats though.  Sigh, this is a bad rule for a mom who’s a baker.  Because I see all sorts of really great and fun treats I would love to share with my kids and their classmates, but I can’t.  Well, I could if I threw a Valentine’s Day party in my home, but that’s not happening.  Too much to do too little time and all that jazz.

But I know plenty of you are allowed to send in fun Valentine’s Day treats so I thought I’d share with you my own little round up of Valentine’s Day desserts that either I have done in the past (prior to this terrible awful rule that I totally do understand and will respect, but makes the baker in me all pouty) or would love to give a try and maybe I will for my kids.  Any excuse to celebrate with cake is a good thing after all.

Valentine’s Day Treats

Valentine's Day Cake Balls, pops, warm fuzzy, warm fuzzies, cute, kids, party favors, dessertHow cute are these Valentine’s Day fuzzy cake balls from Hungry Happenings?  I will warn you this does appear to be time consuming to me, but I love the end result.  I also would say that this is probably not for the beginner.  The antennae are all things you will make yourself with this tutorial, but you might be able to find something else you can use to make the antennae.  Get creative and think outside of the box.

I might give these a try actually for my youngest daughter’s Valentines even.  There are only five children in her class so I wouldn’t have to do a whole batch.  But it looks like there are lots of different options including a cupcake topper, stand on its own cake ball, or turning it into a cake pop.

IMG_04561Here’s something similar to one I tried, baking a heart inside a cupcake.  Mine did not come out nearly as nice as what’s pictured here because my hearts wouldn’t stand up in the cupcake batter.  Looking at this tutorial I think that’s because my cupcake batter was too thin.  But other than that when I did it, these weren’t too difficult to make and it makes for a nice little happy surprise when you bite into your cupcake.  There are numerous different ways to do this.  You can make the heart out of a red velvet cake or just  dye a white cake pink or red.  Who wouldn’t love to have your heart though?  Very cute and even with mine not standing up my kids loved it last year.


Heart shaped cupcakes.  If you can bake a cupcake, then you can do these.  It’s for any level.  All you have to do is put a marble or small piece of tinfoil between the side of the cupcake tin and the cupcake paper.  This will push the paper in just enough to form the heart shape for your cupcake.  It doesn’t get much easier than that for something that will have people asking, “How’d you do that?”

Here’s a great recipe with some decoration tips for you, or just use your favorite cupcake recipe to make yours.

This is a cupcake I have made.  For a simple to make cupcake this worked out great.   It has been a while since I did it, but as I recall the kids really like it.

conversation-heart-fudge-valentines-day-recipe-photo-420-FF0203VALENA12And finally, to go a little different, try this conversation heart fudge.  I made this fudge a few years ago as a gift for my kids teachers for Valentine’s day.  It was relatively simple to make.  You do have to be very careful with the white chocolate that it does not burn, but all in all it’s a very fun Valentine’s recipe to make.  Using colored saran wrap to wrap up each individual piece of fudge is going to make these very festive and a great gift or quick grab treat at your child’s class Valentine’s Day party.

These are just a few of the fun Valentine’s recipes I would have loved to try or do again for a class party.  Well, it would have been my kids choice.  I would have given them their options and my guess is they would have chosen the most labor intensive one, the fuzzy cake balls.  But that’s probably what I would want them to pick anyways.  I’m always up for a challenge.

Let me know if you try any of these and send me a picture.

What are your Valentine’s Day plans this year?

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