Where Were You Wednesday: Week 69

Halfway through the week, with no end in sight. Okay that’s not true, but I do wish this week was going by a little slower in all honesty. I’m really kind of dreading tomorrow so please let it stay Wednesday. No? That’s not possible, oh okay. Onward we go. So here’s Where Were You Wednesday. Grab my button, read the rules, see what picture folder and number we’re looking at this week and link up your own picture post at the bottom.

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Just a reminder of the rules:

  1. Only PG-rated photos. Nothing that would be inappropriate for children to see because I often have children around.
  2. If your folder doesn’t go as high as the number picture I choose, or you don’t have a folder number then go with the last photo in the folder or the last folder.
  3. If you don’t feel comfortable posting a photo because it has children in it who aren’t your own or something, then please feel free to go onto the next photo. I’d rather have you join than not and the whole point of this is to start conversations.
  4. Please check out the other blogs on the linky. We’re not going to be able to start fun conversations about why pictures were taken if we don’t look at each others pictures.
  5. The linky will remain open for a week so you can add your link anytime within that week.

Where Were You Wednesday

This week it has to be all about #4 around here. Not only does she have a birthday coming up, but she’s the reason I wish tomorrow wouldn’t come. So this week we are in folder 2 picture number 2. It’s all about the 2′s when it comes to my youngest. Here’s where I was in folder 2 picture 2
That’s my baby girl on her 2nd birthday last year. And that is one of my most favorite pictures of her. Doesn’t that smile just melt your heart? Seriously people please tell me how I’m supposed to say goodbye to that face tomorrow? Ugh, it’s only an hour and a half it’s only an hour and a half…

Okay, enough of that, now it’s your turn. Where were you in folder 2 picture 2?

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