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0722131033So yes, I was MIA yesterday. My husband is on vacation for the next two weeks. While we have no plans to go anywhere and stay this year we have been planning little day trips. Yesterday we went to New Hampshire for the day.

I saw something on Facebook the other day about living in New England that was so true. It was a whole list of things, but one of the things I couldn’t get out of my head yesterday was the part that says, “You can drive two hours in any direction and be in another state.” It’s totally true. As a matter of fact, we made it through 2 states in a matter of 3 hours.

We headed north for a trip to a little water park called Liquid Planet. Here’s the part where I give a little disclosure. I received free passes to try out this water park. This isn’t my full review of the park because we did not get the full experience of it. But I wanted to take the time to tell you my thoughts on it so far because some of you in the area, or who are going to be vacationing in New England this summer, might want to check this out.

Our Trip To Liquid Planet, Part I

We left CT all bright and sunny, got into MA and it was getting cloudy, and by the time we were in New Hampshire we were getting rain. Now mind you I checked the weather forecast before we left. I checked it on our way up there. All it was saying was it was cloudy. I even checked the radar when it started to rain because I wanted to see what happened. There was this little tiny patch of green and a few yellows right over where we were in NH. So I figured, it will blow by in a little while, the weather forecast after all was still just saying cloudy.

So we arrived at the water park and boy was it cold. Hey, 70 degrees, with no sun, and rain doesn’t feel too warm. But, we had driven all this way so we went to get our tickets.

You know when you go to most amusement parks or water parks you practically need to get a trolley to make it to the main gate? That’s not the case here which was it’s first plus. Because anyone who has had to lug the water/beach belongings of six people, two of which can’t really carry much of anything, knows that’s a feat in and of itself that is. And if you forget anything? Well, forget about it, no one wants to trek all the way back to the car. Here at Liquid Planet when you pull into the parking lot, you are staring at the main gate. It’s about as far of a walk as you would have when you went to the grocery store to get to the main gate.

They did not have my name at the gate as I was told they would, but that was okay. The girl behind the counter just called her manager. I was slightly disappointed that they weren’t expecting me because I had discussed getting a cabana with their marketing person and even spoke to him through text message on the way there. He said he would let them know I was coming from a distance. I actually forgot to ask about the cabana, they probably would have given us one because they were just taking my word for what I told them I was supposed to have.

So we got the full ride, the Big Dipper package which includes access to the water park, 1 zipline ride, and a round of mini golf. Right now, with this coupon the Big Dipper only costs $19 (a $40 value) until August 31.  And you can use this coupon for as many tickets as you need.

Upon entering the park you really can see it all.  Right in the middle they have sort of a large splash pad.  Well, it’s a little more than a splash pad because there is a pool of water that’s about two feet deep.  But there are little slides and water canons all around it.  A see saw that squirts water.  My five year old was immediately drawn there, but the water was freezing.  It did not seem to bother him though, but no one else really wanted to play with him there.

My 5 year old hanging out in the splash pad at Liquid Planet.

My 5 year old hanging out in the splash pad at Liquid Planet.

My 11 year old giving the splash pad a try.

My 11 year old giving the splash pad a try.

My 2 year old trying to keep up with her big brother.

My 2 year old trying to keep up with her big brother.

They have bathrooms and changing rooms as soon as you walk in.  There are chairs all over for sitting.  As you walk past the splash area there’s a small four foot deep pool and beyond that are the two giant water slides they have.  If you go to the right you are brought down to the beach and lake.  It’s a very small beach and the water is orange.  Well, really it’s more of a rust color.  There’s a sign which explains that the water is clean and completely harmless.  Something about the rock in the water.  The lake was also surprisingly warm.  On the lake they have a bunch of blow up things to climb on.  You really need to be able to swim to get out to it though.

I took my 5 year old out there with my 11 year old.  My son insisted on getting up on the raft thing, but it was really hard because you can’t touch the ground, so I was trying to hoist him up there.  I got him up and he started walking on it, but was having a hard time and when he had gotten to a part where there was a gap in the tubes he couldn’t go any further.  Probably a good thing because I’m really not sure what he was planning on doing if he got all the way to the end where he would have had to climb this mammoth latter to the top of a slide and slide into the water.  That, I did not see happening.  So I had to help him back down because he refused to jump in the water and had to swim him back to the shore.

At this point my oldest and my husband decided they wanted to try the zipline.  The baby was also in a mood.  While I had swam out with my son and she stayed behind with my husband, she had slipped and fallen into the lake so she was not too happy with the water.  My son wanted to go back into the splash pad, so we tried to do that, but my youngest wanted nothing to do with it and quite frankly it was cold.  So I convinced them to go into the little 4 foot pool.  That pool was actually warm.  It felt nice in there.  We tried to swim around, but the two little ones weren’t too interested in any of it.

I was also trying to watch for my oldest and my husband to come down the zipline.  The zipline goes right over the park and the pool we were in.  I never saw them and before I knew it they were in the pool with us.  They had gotten out of the zipline line because it wasn’t moving and they heard they were closing the park early because of the weather.  My husband took the two little ones who were not happy in the pool out and over to our chairs.  My son went back to his favorite place and the baby sat moping on the chair.  Me and my two older daughters got to play around in the pool a little.  I rarely get to swim with them because of the little ones so this was nice.

When we were swum out we decided to get out and see what everyone else was up to.  It was noon at this point (we had been there 2 hours) and the park was closing in an hour.  We decided to take some time to dry off and then hit up the gift shop.

Mopey baby girl.

Mopey baby girl.

He looks freezing, but he still wanted to go back in the water.

He looks freezing, but he still wanted to go back in the water.

They offered everyone in the park a chance to come back because they were closing early, free of charge.  This was great because we didn’t have time to try everything, but of course the fact that 3 hours into our trip we were already done was a bit of a bummer.  We had to try to find something else to do, which we weren’t planning on.

But it is what it is, and the policy they have for rain dates is really quite amazing.  We can use these tickets whenever we want and they don’t expire.  So we could go back next year if we wanted to.  The girls wanted us to get a hotel and stay the night and go back today, but I didn’t think the weather was going to be better today and my husband has a doctor’s appointment today.  The good news is, he still has plenty of vacation left.  The bad news is that’s another six hours round trip to get there.  I definitely want to use these as soon as possible so I can give this park a full review.  It’s also kind of nice that now that I have been there I have a better plan of attack for our next visit.

My Recommendations For Visiting Liquid Planet

If you are going to do the zipline, get that over with first.  The line moves very slow so it’s probably best if you get there for when the park opens at 10:00 to get right in line for that and do it first.  Then you’ll probably be ready to cool off in the water when it’s all said and done.

There are limited cabanas, but even though there wasn’t any sun for us yesterday I think it would be worth it.  More privacy and you’re stuff isn’t out in the open.  They do have lockers you can rent.  I forgot to check how much those were.

You can bring food, but not inside the park.  There is a little picnic area by the main gate.  Whether you bring your own food, or eat inside the park I think after lunch will be the perfect time to go do the mini golf.  Once you get all heated up from that it’s back in the water you go.

Don’t go there expecting a whole lot of thrills.  This isn’t the place for that.  It’s just a small family park.  If your family is like mine with a huge age range, then this really is perfect for you.  My older ones can do the zipline, but the little ones can’t.  They can also do the water slides, but the little ones need an adult to go down them.  We can easily split up and meet back up without having a specific meeting time or destination though because of the size of this park.

That’s my plan of attack for the next time we go.  Hopefully we pick a more sunny day with no sudden rain showers that causes the park to close.  I’m not sure how they come up with this decision because as we were leaving the sun came out and it didn’t rain on us the rest of the day there, but again it is what it is.  Considering how cold everyone was in the water, it’s probably better that we ended early.

Be sure to check back for a full review of the park, hopefully with lots of bright sun shiny pictures.

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