Wow, He’s 5

Happy Birthday to my Amazing 5 year old

It is my son’s 5th birthday. What an important year. 5 years old. Half a decade. He has come such a long way in those five years. He started out at a decent (although small to me) size of 7 pounds 12 ounces. And he was trouble from the start. Turning breech and getting stuck that way and needing to be born via c-section with the cord wrapped around his neck twice.

Then he couldn’t regulate his temperature, then it was jaundice, and then it was a battle of the weight. We spent 5 days in the hospital with him when he was 3 months old because his weight got dangerously low. At 6 months old he was finally diagnosed with acid reflux and he finally started gaining weight at a steady rate.

Now it was time to focus on other things like his head shape and developmental delays. He began birth to three and then when he was 8 months old he began treatment with a cranial helmet to reshape his head. Two helmets and six months later we were cleared from that and then by the time he was 2 he was cleared from birth to three.

He is still much smaller than his classmates, but he lets nothing stop him. He is an amazing five year old boy. A boy in a sea full of girls and loving every single minute of his sisters doting on him. And now I would like to share with you 5 things I love about my boy.

5 Great Things About My 5 Year Old

  1. He says the funniest things. This boy has the best imagination. Whether he’s talking about his other family with 4 brothers who are all the same age as him, or he’s telling us a story about someone he met. It is always a trip.  There’s another house and a dog named Scooby Doo.  He also has a wife and his own kids sometimes.
  2. The way he takes care of his baby sister.  He shares food with her and will feed it to her.  He holds her hand and shows her things are okay.  Such an amazing big brother, but I must admit he did have some good teachers with his older sisters.
  3. His stubbornness.  While most of the time his stubbornness drives me crazy because we have quite the battle of wills going, I don’t think he would we where he is today without it.  He has had to fight through a lot to make it and his stubbornness and determination I am sure played a huge role in why he’s with us today.
  4. His cute voice and the way he says things.  I know I should correct him when he calls the refrigerator “Fred Nater”, but honestly I can’t think of a better name to give our refrigerator.  Maybe I’m not helping him any, but right now his way of pronouncing things is just too cute for me to want to see happen less.  What can I say, he’s my baby boy.
  5. He gives the best hugs and kisses.  Maybe because they are few and far between and I have to soak up every second of it, but he fits perfectly into my arms for a cuddle and I want to remember every second of how that feels.

So that’s my amazing newly turned 5 year old.  Happy Birthday to the sweetest boy there is.

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  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy! Have a wonderful day :)


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