Writing custom fxcop rules

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This article needs additional citations for verification. NET managed code assemblies for conformance to Microsoft’s . These coding errors typically do not affect the execution of your code. Usage – rules that detect potential flaws in your assemblies that can affect code execution. Maintainability – rules that detect maintenance issues.

Portability – rules that detect portability issues. Reliability- rules that detect correct memory and thread usage.

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1 Release notes for RESTier 0. 3 Release notes for RESTier 0. 4 Release notes for RESTier 0. 5 Release notes for RESTier 0. 6 Release notes for RESTier 0.

7 Release notes for RESTier 0. 8 Release notes for RESTier 0. 9 Release notes for RESTier 1. This document is for current release version 1.