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Within a JSP EL expression, you can use integers, floating point numbers, strings, the built-in constants true and false for boolean values, and null. Simple Syntax Typically, when you specify an attribute value in a JSP tag, you simply use a string. JSP EL allows you to specify an expression for any of these attribute values. Here expr specifies the expression itself. The most common operators in JSP EL are .

These two operators allow you to access various attributes of Java Beans and built-in JSP objects. You can also use the JSP EL expressions within template text for a tag.

EL expressions can use parentheses to group subexpressions. The valid values of this attribute are true and false.

If it is true, EL expressions are ignored when they appear in static text or tag attributes. If it is false, EL expressions are evaluated by the container. Functions in JSP EL JSP EL allows you to use functions in expressions as well. These functions must be defined in the custom tag libraries.