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Well, I did it again. I missed another day of blogging in my promise to blog every weekday in November. It has been such a whirlwind of a week here and I’ve been so overly consumed by something I wish I didn’t have to be consumed by. And I’m feeling like a failure in multiple areas. And then this morning, before most of the kids got up, and after one of them left for the school bus I was just skimming through Facebook and found something that brought me to tears, but not in a bad way. In an I so needed that kind of way after this week. A week where I literally have cleaned the bear minimum in my home. The laundry is overflowing. I’m trying to crank out work and be the kind of mom my kids deserve and yet I’ve been failing at it miserably because I have been snapping at them and haven’t cooked a decent meal for them and have been completely on edge.

And I know I’m not the only mom feeling inadequate.  When I saw this vlog from Mom vlogger Kristina Kuzmic it brought me to tears. Because the fact of the matter is we’re all good enough moms. We need a little truth bomb like this and because I think Kristina is so spot on and I believe that we all need to have this reassurance as moms from time to time I wanted to share this with you all and in the process bring back a little coffee break with Monica’s Mom Musings while in the process. So enjoy your quick listen to Kristina and give her a little mom love while you’re at it because I personally think she’s awesome and figured this is the perfect way to even get out of this funk I’ve been in this week in writing about the whole DUI saga I’ve been consumed with all week long.  Check her out over on Little Things. Come back and let me know what you thought of her truth bomb. I hope it helps even in a small way feel better about who you are as a mother, like it did for me.

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